Everything we do centres around a person.

That person is Jesus.

We believe that the good news of Jesus is for everyone, and it has the potential to be life changing.

In this video, Will explains a bit about this good news, and what it might mean for you.

Finding out more…

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Our faith and beliefs are rooted in what we read in the Bible and our Sunday talks help us to understand what the bible has to say for us today in the 21st Century. Our resources page has links to recordings of our Sunday talks.

As contemporary evangelicals, we affirm modern statements such as the Evangelical Alliance statement of faith and the Lausanne Covenant. As part of the universal church, we also hold to the ecumenical creeds (the Apostles’, Nicene-Constantinopolitan, Chalcedonian and Athanasian Creeds). As Protestant Christians, we affirm that justification is by faith alone, and stand in the tradition of Reformation confessional documents like the Heidelberg Catechism, although we believe water baptism is only for believers.