Event Calendar


Adding the Church Events to your own Calendars

If anyone wants to add the church’s calendars to their own online this is how you do it. The process will not affect your existing calendar(s) but show additional ones (in different colours) overlaid onto your schedule.

If you have a Gmail account

  • Go to the Calendar app
  • On the left of the screen find the “Other Calendars” dropdown. To the right of this text is a drop-down arrow – select “Add from URL
  • There are 2 calendar feeds: a Church Events feed that is public on the website and a Dutyman Rota feed – useful to see your individual duties on rotas. The links are below, and can be pasted into the URL text box. You’ll need to create a separate calendar for each URL.
  • You can then edit the name (e.g. change it to “Church Calendar”) by clicking on the drop-down to the right of the calendar name and select “Calendar Settings”. Rename at the top of the page

If you don’t have a Gmail account

The link below should still work – they are XML calendar feeds, but if you have problems please contact the office.